Welcome to the Whistleblowerportal for Ørn Software

We wish to acquire knowledge regarding information or activity that is deemed illegal, unethical, or not correct within the organisation. We are grateful that you wish to notify us, and as a responsible employer we wish to do our best to handle the case and to prevent this from happening in the future.

As an employee in a full or part time position, as an apprentice, student or intern you have a right - and sometimes are required - to report a misconduct or violation of our ethical guidelines.

With reportable misconduct, we are referring to:

  • Breach of laws or rules
  • Breach of the organisation's ethical guidelines
  • Breach of ethical norms

For example, a blameworthy situation can be economical crime, environmental crime, breach of health and environment rules, harassment and condititions which imply danger to life and health.

Consequences against the employee who reports misconduct is forbidden, and when you whistleblow with your own name you have, in accordance with the Working Environment Act the right to be protected, and can be entitled to compensation if any reprisal should take place.

You can choose to be anonymous. In this case you will be automatically given a username and password so that you at a later date can log in to see the status of your case and securely communicate with your case manager/advisor. You can at any point chose to identify yourself.

Directive (EU) 2019/1937 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2019 on the protection of persons who report breaches of Union law (europa.eu)

If you want more information, see our ethical guidelines below.

General guidelines for corporate social responsibility and sustainability

This document defines Ørn Software AS’ («Ørn») general guidelines for corporate social responsibility and sustainability. The purpose is to reinforce and to guide our contribution to a sustainable economic, social and environmental development in the sectors and industries in which Ørn operates. The policy shall support employees and managers in their strategic decisions and daily work.

At Ørn Software, we are committed to harnessing our culture of innovation to be an industry role model on sustainability and contribute to setting sustainability on our industry’s agenda. We leverage the power of our people and our products to reduce the impact that we and our customers have on the planet. We see sustainability as a competitive advantage that helps us create long-term value for our business and our stakeholders.


The development of our Sustainability Policy is part of the process of systematising the work we do on sustainability at Ørn. For this policy, we conducted a basic, internal materiality assessment, which identified key topics that we believe are most important to our stakeholders and our success as a business.

As of 2022, we will start publishing a sustainability report, informed by the Global Reporting Initiative Standards (GRI) and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board’s (SASB) Software and IT Services sector guide. The report will serve to develop an effective sustainability strategy for Ørn, which targets the most significant impacts of our organisation.


Our sustainability policy applies to all of Ørn’s employees, including the Board of Directors, and persons who, without being employed by Ørn, work on assignment or as consultants for Ørn. In addition, the policy covers all business activities in connection with customers, suppliers and others commercial partners.


This policy is based on Norwegian law, and has been informed by the UN Principles for Corporate Social Responsibility (UN Global Compact), Ørn’s values and purpose, as well as the Global Reporting Initiative Standards (GRI).


We define sustainability as: “Developing products and solutions that meet today's needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.”


The objectives of this policy are to:

Immediate (By end of 2021)

  • Increase understanding of and commitment to the broader concept of sustainability within Ørn
  • Initiate work on sustainability reporting
  • Strengthen the Board and executive management’s oversight, proactive management and ongoing dialogue on sustainability topics

Intermediate (2022-2025)

  • Serve as a platform for developing a sustainability strategy under which Ørn’s sustainability outcomes are maximised
  • Embed sustainability considerations in all of Ørn’s decision-making
  • Integrate a consistent approach in applying sustainability across the organisation
  • Adopt a systematic approach to identify, assess and respond to sustainability-related risks in business operations
  • Communicate consistently and accurately Ørn’s achievements in sustainability

Ultimate (2025-2030)

  • Establish Ørn as an industry role model on sustainability that contributes to setting sustainability on our industry’s agenda


Ørn is committed to respecting human rights and labour rights standards, preserve the climate and the environment, combat corruption and uphold good governance standards. This applies to the development of the Company’s products and services, consulting and sales, as well as investment decisions. The same requirements apply to the Company's suppliers.

Our purpose at Ørn is to create a more sustainable society by supporting our clients in digitalising their operations, thereby improving energy efficiency, innovation, profitability and reducing the environmental footprint.

Our commitment to doing business fairly and responsibly is anchored in our values.

Our values are:

  • Bold: We are entrepreneurial and thus are willing to take risks to innovate and remain at the cutting edge.
  • Innovative: We embrace innovation, it’s at our core. We continually look for new and better ways of doing things. We always put users’ needs first and go the extra mile to adapt to their needs.
  • Sincere: We value the trust and respect of our community and co-workers. We deal with our clients, our stakeholders and our employees with the utmost transparency. We commit to being a workplace that does what’s right because people must be able to trust our products and services.
  • Joyful: We are passionate about our work and about working together. We strive to bring this joyfulness into everything we do.

 Ørn’s commitment to respecting diversity, human rights, labour rights and the right to decent work entails:

  • Having zero tolerance for all forms of bullying and discrimination, including verbal, physical and sexual harassment.
  • To work against discrimination on the basis of gender, ethnicity, skin colour, language, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability, political opinions or other opinions, national or social origin and affiliation with national minorities.
  • To consider gender imbalance as a risk and therefore strive for gender balance in all parts of the business. To work for equal pay for equal work of equal value, and to systematically work to redress any potential imbalances and close the pay gap that may be due to gender.
  • To offer a workplace environment that is conducive to good health, beyond what is stated in the law's minimum requirements.
  • To give all employees the opportunity for competency and skills development.
  • To grant employees the fundamental right to be represented by a trade union and respect the rights of employees and their unions to negotiate collective bargaining agreements.
  • To have routines and channels in place for notifying breaches of these commitments in accordance with the Norwegian Working Environment Act.

 Ørn’s commitment to preserve the climate and the environment entails:

  • To contribute to sustainable development and to continuously minimise negative environmental impact.
  • To encourage an environmentally-conscious workplace, by minimising waste, recycling and re-using as much as possible, conserving energy and encouraging employees to use sustainable methods of transportation to get to work.
  • To drive innovation, develop and promote sustainable products and services that help customers reduce their energy consumption, waste and environmental footprint, and help them make environmentally-conscious choices.
  • To prioritise climate-positive buildings when considering office relocations or acquiring new office space.

 Ørn commitment to upholding the highest ethical and corporate governance standards entails:

  • To have a robust internal system against corruption, based on transparency and verifiability.
  • To train employees in issues related to anti-corruption, money-laundering and bribery.
  • To uphold the privacy of our customers, customer’s end users and employees. Ørn shall at all times comply with the data protection laws of the countries in which it operates.
  • To not enter into partnerships with or invest in companies that, through their own business or through entities they control, violate international and national laws, or Ørn's internal guidelines, for human rights, labour rights, environmental regulations or anti-corruption.
  • To not purchase goods and services from suppliers that violate international and national laws, or Ørn's internal guidelines, for human rights, labour rights, environmental regulations or anti-corruption.
  • To develop a Supplier Code of Conduct that sets forth the minimum standards of business conduct that we expect from all of our suppliers.

Compliance and reporting

Ørn shall report on its work related to sustainability as described in this the policy in accordance with the rules in the Norwegian Accounting Act § 3-3 c. This shall be published in Ørn’s annual report as of 2022.

Whistleblowing routines

Encouragement for whistleblowing of matters worthy of criticism:

If you have knowledge of objectionable conditions in the company, we encourage you to whistle-blow the matter to the person or persons who can do something about it.

All employees and hires can whistleblow matters worthy of criticism.

In addition, the following people can whistle-blow when they perform work:

  • Students at institutions whose purpose is teaching or research

  • Conscripted people

  • Civilian conscripts and conscripts in the civil defense

  • Patients in health institutions, rehabilitation institutions, etc.

  •  Persons who, for training purposes or in connection with work-oriented measures, are placed in companies without being employees

  • Persons who, without being employees, participate in labor market measures


The procedure will help to uncover any objectionable conditions in the company so that we can do something about the case and prevent it from happening again.

By critical conditions is meant:

Conditions that are contrary to law, with written ethical guidelines in the business or with ethical norms that are widely supported in society. These can be conditions that involve danger to life or health, danger to climate or the environment, corruption or other economic crime, abuse of authority, unsafe working environment or breaches of personal data security.

What is not considered reprehensible?

Statements that only apply to the employee's own employment relation are not normally regarded as whistle-blowing:

Examples of an employee's own situation that are not covered by the whistle-blowing rules are

·  Personal conflicts

·  Professional or political statements

·  General dissatisfaction with the workplace

Routine for whistleblowing

1. The employee's right to whistleblow is enshrined in the Norwegian Personnel Handbook and our cross country HR-platform Bob.

    CEO is responsible for ensuring that the whistle-blowing routines satisfy the legal requirement.

2. Whistle-blowing can be made orally or in writing and must be justifiable.

    A whistle-blow should contain a factual, objective and concrete presentation of the potentially reprehensible matter. The following information should be included:

·   What has happened (breaches of laws and regulations, breaches of ethical norms or internal guidelines)?

·   Where did it happen?

·   When did it happen?

·   What is the scope?

·   Are there witnesses or documentation that can substantiate the information about the reprehensible matter?

3. You can choose to whistle-blow anonymously or by name.

4. Whistle-blowing can be made through a safety representative, shop steward, to HR representatives in Ørn or through our digital Portal MyVoice

5. When using MyVoice you will be assigned a username and password.

    If you whistle-blow anonymously in MyVoice, it is important to keep the receipt with username and password so that you can log in to communicate with the caseworker.

6. The case is dealt with in Group HR or Management group as fast as possible. The case will be dealt where it is sent.

7. As a whistle-blower, you will receive feedback within 5 days that the whistle-blow has been received and is being processed.

8. When you notify anonymously, it is important that you log in to see if there is a message from the caseworker.

Insight into cases

Whistleblowing cases that are reported in MittVarsel.no are stored in the system and only the person or role you have sent it to and Group HR has access. The system stores who logs into the system and what is uploaded by documents and when this is done. The caseworker and administrator have access to all logs and will possibly be used if disputes arise.

Protection of retaliation:

The person who whistle-blows shall not be subjected to retaliation upon whistle-blowing.

By retaliation is meant here any unfavorable act, practice or omission that is a consequence of or a reaction to the fact that the employee has whistle-blowed.

The same applies to employees who express that they wish to whistle-blow.

The following rules apply to the duty to whistle-blow:

·   Employee's duty to whistle-blow

·   The safety representative's duty to whistle-blow

·   The occupational health service's duty to whstle-blow.

Contradiction (to deny)

The person being whistle-blown has the right to present his or her version of the case. They are thus entitled to see the content of the whistle-blow so that they can defend themselves.

External whistleblow

You are encouraged to whistleblow at the lowest possible level to your own manager, to the safety representative, HR or on MittVarsel.no. If this does not work out, you can contact a public authority that is obliged to help employees. The requirement that it must first be notified internally applies unless there is reason to believe that internal whistleblowing will not be appropriate.

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